AVA Office Design 多年致力提供完善的辦公室室內設計以及工程服務


AVA's has been dedicated to providing completion of the works interior office design and construction services for many years

由 1996 年成立至今,AVA Office Design 多年為不同基層及各類企業公司由提供空間策劃設計、提供專業議商方案,我們致力向客戶提供全面優質的服務,專業工程整體項目管理、室內設計規劃創作、信息技術系統配置統籌、工程項目施工、物料採購及管理。


多年來我們已服務上千大中型公司設計與裝修項目,AVA Interior Design 作風嚴謹之餘,亦不斷融入不同風格、時尚,提高客戶高效企業文化。我們以最貼切客戶的需求,制定最能體現客戶企業實力的設計風格,追求國際化、現代、環保的理念,每個設計都是唯一的,大幅度提高企業的形象。我們的工程預算公開透明,誠信第一,嚴格控製物料的選定和現場驗貨標準,質量穩定同時符合客人要求。

Since 1996, AVA's has been designed and provided space planning and office design for many years of the client. We are committed to providing the client with comprehensive and high-quality services, professional project management, and interior office design planning. Over the years, we have served thousands of different companies in office design projects. AVA Office Design has a rigorous style of work, and it has also continuously integrated into different styles, and efficient corporate culture. With the closest to the client's needs, we formulate the office design style that best reflects the strength of our customers and pursue the concept of internationalization, modernization, and environmental protection. Each design is unique, and the image of the company is greatly improved.

It's open and transparent budget for our every office design project, honesty first was our business aim, strict control over the selection of materials and on-site inspection standards, and the quality is stable while meeting client requirements.

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Office design service in Hong Kong

服務範疇 Service category

商業 Commercial


Commercial buildings, factory buildings, office buildings, hotels, storage warehouses, real estate showrooms, sales offices, service bureaus, logistics and warehouses, social institutions, government agencies, charities, hospital clinics


零售 Retail store


Brand Shops, Chain Stores, Shopping Malls, Specialty Stores, Monopoly Stores, Concept Store Upstairs, Ground Floor Shops


教育 Education


Schools, colleges, education centers, music centers, music shops, recording studios, drum rooms, interest rooms


餐飲娛樂 Dining & Entertainment


restaurants, clubs, daily necessities stores, entertainment centers, beauty salons, hair salons, cake shops, food factories

Our Office design service in Hong Kong

服務包括 Services include


Site visits and provision marsure services



Provide drawing, planning, and project quote



Interior design and decoration construction


提供立體 3D 圖更具體講解設計概念

Provide 3D  design concept



Provides design, planning, and construction of furniture, lighting etc.



Provide specialized sound insulation materials, acoustic design planning, and engineering


提供標書議案、平面繪圖、立體 3D 圖、工程監工等獨立工程報價服務

Providing independent project quotation services such as tender proposals, drawing plans, 3D drawings, engineering supervision, etc