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AVA's has been dedicated to providing completion of the works interior office design and construction services for many years.

Since 1996, AVA's has been designed and provided space planning and office design for many years of the client. We are committed to providing the client with comprehensive and high-quality services, professional project management, and interior office design planning. Over the years, we have served thousands of different companies in office design projects.


AVA Office Design has a rigorous style of work, and it has also continuously integrated into different styles, and efficient corporate culture. With the closest to the client's needs, we formulate the office design style that best reflects the strength of our customers and pursue the concept of internationalization, modernization, and environmental protection. Each design is unique, and the image of the company is greatly improved.

It's an open and transparent budget for every office design project, honesty first was our business aim, strict control over the selection of materials and on-site inspection standards, and the quality is stable while meeting client requirements.

Shopping Mall

Retail store


Brand shops

- Chain stores

- Shopping mall

- Speciality stores

- Monopoly stores

- Concept store

- Upstairs store

- Ground floor shops




Commercial buildings

- Factory buildings

- Hotels

- Storage warehouses

- Sales offices

- Service bureaus

- Logistics and warehouses

- Social institutions

- Government agencies

- Charities

- Hospital clinics

Shopping Mall with Mirrors




- Colleges

- Education centres

- Music centres

- Recording studios

- drum rooms

- Interest rooms

- Entertainments centres

- Beauty 

- Salons

- Daily necessities stores

- Food factories

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