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Modern Interior Design


AVA Office Design is a company with both professional designers and skilled contractors, each office design project is under qualified supervision. We listen to client needs, communicate actively, provide the ideal service with reasonable and detailed pricing. In addition, we provide periodically report on every project detail in progress.

All About us

We provide ideas for improvement in space planning, in preparation for the client’s future strategy.

We are capable of delivering well-structed planning to cater to all client’s aspects within limited conditions of feasibility.


Through discussion and interactive communication, to develop constructive planning and suitable design. Presenting with support on graphic design, interior design, material sourcing, perspective; to achieve the most outcome for our client.


We are extensively experienced and innovative thinking in design, highly appreciate the support and satisfaction from clients over the years.

Why choose us

AVA Interior office design is one of the few engineering companies that have both professional designers and professionally qualified craftsmen, and each project is personally supervised. From design to construction, we actively communicate with customers. In addition to regularly reporting the project details and progress, we have clear details in terms of price and create ideal products that meet the needs and reasonable prices for customers.

- Free site measure

- Professional planning program

- Innovative design suggestions

- Professional construction team

- Reasonable market price

- Good interaction with customers

- High-quality monitoring quality

- Perfect service

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