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What make us stand out..?

AVA Office Design 一站式專業工商鋪、專科聲學隔音等室內設計連裝修服務,創新設計,善用每一寸空間,我們與傳統室內設計




商廈、工廠、 儲存倉、店鋪、連鎖店、酒店、音樂室、琴行、教育中心、學校、私人住宅、餐廳等。

AVA office design one-stop professional commercial shop, special acoustic and other interior design and decoration services, innovative design, the expert in the use of every inch of space, we and traditional interior design different companies, we provide interior design program is not just a single dedicated to a certain type of industry, we pursue progress, different to plan all kinds of space, including offices, commercial buildings, factories, Storage warehouses, shops, chain stores, hotels, music rooms, music shops, education center, school, private houses, restaurants, etc.