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AVA Interior Design 多年專注在工商業室內設計及裝修方面建立發展,亦擁有了自身的企業文及經營理念、價值觀念、社會責任及形像。在我們首席設計師兼董事領導下,AVA Interior Design 更具體化地呈現辦公室設計、裝修方面獨特的經營方針。

AVA's has been focusing on the development office design and decoration of industrial and commercial for many years. It also has our corporate culture, business philosophy, values, social responsibility, and image. Under the leadership of our chief director, AVA's more concretely presents unique operating principles for office design and construction.

一個企業在激烈的市場競爭環境中,面臨著各種矛盾和多種選擇,AVA Interior Design 自身一套邏輯思維的程序來用心經營每一項工程。除了保持由室內設計到施工過程中質量,我們也很注重企業道德,我們能與客戶之間以至內部團隊保持良好關係。

AVA Interior Design 一直以人為本,尊重人的感情,在過程中造成了一種團結、相互信任的和睦氣氛,強化了員工意識,使我們團隊之間形成強大的凝聚力,形成了共同的目標和理想。


AVA's faces various contradictions and multiple choices in the fierce office design market competition environment, we have set of logical thinking programs to manage each office design project with care. In addition to maintaining the quality of the interior design to the construction process, we also attach great importance to corporate ethics. We can maintain a good relationship with our client and our internal team.


AVA's always been people-oriented and respectful of people's feelings. In the process, it has created a harmonious atmosphere of solidarity and mutual trust. It has strengthened employee awareness and has formed a strong cohesive force among our team, forming a common goal and ideal.

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AVA Company culture 企業文化

Respect credibility


Honest, sincere and sincere

Focus on design

了解客戶的需求,以創新意念及可行性著手實現這些目標; 尊重知識產權,維護創作自由

Respecting Intellectual Property and Maintaining Freedom of Creation



Careful listening is necessary to design and construction

克服困難 Overcome difficulties


Facing difficulties and setbacks, self-adjusting

不斷增值 Increasing value


Establish new methods and ideas

重視團隊 Focus on the team works


With good moral character and ability can promote

回饋社會 Give back to society


Responsive to society within the scope of ability