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AVA Interior Design 每一項工商業室內設計及裝修工程,由設計到施工,均會根據該單位使用性質、環境和相應用途,運用不同物料和設計原理,創造合理而帶功能性新空間,令該環境既更具有使用價值

AVA's each commercial interior office design and decoration project, from design to construction, will use different materials and design principles to create a reasonable and functional new space based on the nature of the unit's use, the environment, and the corresponding uses.

AVA DESIGN  設計考慮因素


空間要素 Spatial elements


The rationalization of space and the feeling of beauty to customers is the basis of our design.


色彩要求 Color requirements


In addition to affecting the visual environment, indoor color is also conducive to work and health. Color processing can meet the functional requirements and achieve beautiful results


光影要求 Light and shadow


Directly introducing sunlight into the room can effectively reduce the sense of darkness and closure in the room, especially soft astigmatism, making the interior space more friendly and natural. The transformation of light and shadow makes the interior more colorful


千變萬化要素 Ever-changing elements


Indispensable building components such as pillars, beams, etc., are not necessarily good in the indoor space. However, if they can be properly used and decorated, they can create a perfect indoor environment


陳設要素 Furnishings


Interior furniture, carpets, curtains, etc., can play a decorative role. Practicality and decoration should be coordinated with each other, function and form of a unified and changeable, make the indoor space comfortable decent


綠化要素 Green elements


Greening in interior design is an important part of improving the comfort of the indoor environment. Indoor planting of flowers, using greenery and elements, can make space more beautiful


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